Bluetooth hearing aids: The auditory revolution

Hearing aids are increasingly common. These devices improve our hearing and our quality of life, adapting to our daily needs. In addition, the latest technological advances have succeeded in implementing Bluetooth technology in hearing aids. Proakustik experts tell us how they work and what advantages they offer.


There are companies like Phonak that are betting heavily on this type of devices thanks to its functionality. The main function offered by these hearing aids is that we can connect them to any device with Bluetooth technology, such as a mobile phone or our TV. Thus, it is possible to hear a phone call directly in a hearing aid, and we can even talk without the need to have our phone in your hands. That is, in these cases, a hearing aid can be used as if it were a hands-free device.


In addition, another very useful function is the possibility of listening to television directly through hearing aid. Normally, the signal has a limit of about 15 meters. On the other hand, we can also listen to music in our hearing aid if we connect it to a sound system or even to our mobile phone. If we take this function further, we can even do sports while listening to music directly in our hearing aid without cables or complex systems.


Where to buy hearing aids in Denia


The different brands offer us apps to be able to customise the characteristics of sound, to connect our hearing aid with different devices and manage them by remote control. In this way, it is extremely simple to configure the Bluetooth connection, opening up a whole new universe of possibilities with increasingly diffuse limits.


Cutting edge technology in hearing aids in Denia

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has greatly improved hearing aid wearing experience, giving the users the opportunity to control them remotely and easily, while increasing their functions. Do you want to get a hearing aid compatible with Bluetooth technology? Pop into Proakustik Denia, your hearing aid shop in the Costa Blanca.


How to get the right hearing aid for you


They will help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid for you and will guide you throughout the entire process, offering personalised advice for your case. In addition, they will also answer your questions about hearing aids with Bluetooth technology. If you have hearing problems, book today an appointment at Proakustik. They don’t sell hearing aids, they sell hearing. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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