Blizz Art Gallery: Where Aesthetics Meet Investment in Marbella’s Art World


When it comes to art galleries in Marbella, Blizz Art Gallery stands out as a haven where aesthetics and investment converge. This unique gallery, nestled in the heart of Puerto Banus, offers more than just visually stunning artworks—it provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore the dual function of art: as a source of beauty and as a valuable investment.

Blizz Art Gallery has cultivated a reputation for curating luxury artworks created by internationally acclaimed artists, each with a solid footing in the art market. Two artists in particular, Isabelle Scheltjens and Patrick Rubinstein, have played pivotal roles in defining the gallery’s character.

About the Artists of Blizz Art Gallery

Isabelle Scheltjens, born in Belgium in 1981, is a glass-fusing artist whose works bring together the fragility and resilience of glass in a dance of colors, sizes, and textures. Her pieces, reminiscent of pointillism, offer viewers a unique experience. Up close, they appear as abstract images, but from a distance, they transform into dramatic, precise portraits. Isabelle’s art captivates by playing with proximity and distance, making her works both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing for investment.

Patrick Rubinstein, born in Paris in 1960, is a renowned kinetic artist known for his motion-based themes. He employs the Double/Triple Principle, merging images into one by layering and angles. His creations offer viewers a continuously evolving visual experience as they move around the artwork. Rubinstein’s art is not static; it breathes with life, making it a fascinating choice for art enthusiasts who seek investments that transcend traditional boundaries.

About the Gallery

What sets Blizz Art Gallery apart is its commitment to promoting innovative and cutting-edge artwork. The gallery constantly seeks out emerging artists from around the world, making it a dynamic space for art exploration. Visitors can expect to find a diverse collection, from glass-fused paintings to kinetic sculptures, each offering a fresh perspective on contemporary art.

Moreover, Blizz Art Gallery extends its services beyond the walls of the gallery. They offer art consultancy and Mockup Simulation services, allowing clients to envision how a piece of art would fit into their interiors before making a purchase. This dedication to providing top-quality services ensures that collectors can confidently build and maintain their art collections while adding sophistication to their homes.

In the realm of art, Blizz Art Gallery in Marbella has emerged as a must-visit destination for both art lovers and collectors. With its blend of aesthetics and investment potential, it represents a unique space where creativity meets financial wisdom. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate glass fusing of Isabelle Scheltjens or the dynamic motion-based art of Patrick Rubinstein, Blizz Art Gallery offers a world of artistry waiting to be explored.

If you find yourself in Marbella and seek the magic that art brings to life, a visit to Blizz Art Gallery in Puerto Banus is a journey worth taking. Discover the beauty and investment potential that art can offer, all within the captivating walls of this stylish gallery. It’s a testament to the idea that art is not just a visual delight; it’s a gateway to aesthetics and investment opportunities alike.



Calle Ribera, Casa N, Local 18, planta baja

29660 Puerto Banús, Marbella


Phone: +34 951 74 30 06


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