BGA lands in Marbella and continues to expand its innovative learning model

BGA is landing on Monday, July 3rd in Marbella with the Open Day. This is an innovative learning model and a transformative journey that allows Learners to discover what truly excites them.

BGA guides Learners to navigate a demanding and ever-changing market. And it does so with a methodology that utilizes digital platforms and physical spaces, understanding that education needs a real shift. A Learning Coach will be present in the Hubs to help Learners plan their time and achieve their goals, while an online Course Manager will be available to provide support with their tasks.

The result is a dynamic collaboration between Educator and Learner that moves away from traditional educational roles and emphasizes personalization and Learner autonomy. Each person is different, motivated by different tools and processes, and has their own way of understanding the world. Understanding this, the BGA Team fosters this individual approach and supports Learners in achieving their own success.


Based on the premise that education should have no limits, BGA continues its expansion plan, now reaching Marbella, Spain, taking another step forward with this successful hybrid education model.

BGA already has more than 50 Hubs and almost 1.000 Learners and Hubs in 7 countries, and more and more people are joining this new way of learning. Anyone from 11 years old and above can be part of this innovative learning model.

Flexibility and personalization are key aspects of BGA, which is carrying out a much-needed mission: to help people find their purpose and create a Brave Generation that dares to seek and discover what makes them unique.

This is a unique hybrid model in which Learners combine online learning with physical spaces, and Learning Coaches guide and support them in this process, fostering co-learning and a sense of community among Learners. BGA has Learning Coaches who serve as mentors to the Learners and design specific routines to support them in their personal journeys. Another important figure is the Course Managers who, being specialized in their subjects, are equipped to answer questions, grade assignments, conduct live sessions, and provide academic support to each Learner.

Learners can choose between two study plans: the British International Curriculum or the US Core Curriculum. Regardless of the choice, BGA ensures that Learners receive optimal educational quality and that reputable institutions recognize their achievements, enabling them to have excellent professional development.

One remarkable aspect of this innovative learning model through which BGA makes its mark in the education world is the opportunity to support Learners in developing soft skills. Beyond purely academic content, it is important to guide Learners to discover their full potential and the tools they possess to thrive in the future.

A new universe of learning is waiting for you! Join the Brave Generation Academy!

Get in touch with the BGA team and learn more about their Open Day in Marbella.

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