For best prices and customer service, visit Grupo Serrano Automoción in Alicante

About 54 years, Grupo Serrano Automoción was founded by Vicente Serrano Barceló.

He started up a repair shop in Elche in 1963,  which served as a specialised shop for SEAT automobiles in the area. 

Today, the Serrano Group is an official distributor of the prestigious automobile brand Volkswagen, which includes the Seat, Audi, Skoda and VW and has 10 specialised shops in Elche, Elda-Petrer, Santa Pola and Crevillente.

Vicente Serrano as focused on delivering customers the best and most exclusive automobile service in the region.

“The aim of our company is to offer a complete integral automotive service that meets the highest quality, seeking as a reward to us, full customer satisfaction,” Serrano Automoción states on their website.

The Grupo Serrano Automoción has sold over 65,000 vehicles since they began and has become an unrefutable reference of the best service in the sector in all of the Alicante province.

“We are also one of the pioneers in the automotive sector with the most experience in the province.”

They also state that they “are a leading company at the local level thanks to the trust of our clients and the professionalism of our staff.”

With an enormous calling for automotive service, Serrano Automoción set out to become number one basing their successes on human and professional qualities of the men and women that work with the company.

“We are a dynamic company that has been successful in bringing together our vast contrasting experience with the youth of a team prepared to face de new future challenges.”

Serrano also has great prices on services and repairs, including a free 36-month guarantee on all new tyres. The insurance protects against tyre punctures, vandalism — a complaint needs to be presented to pertinent authorities — and damages caused by hitting the tyres against kerbs and sidewalks.

The nice people at Serrano will also gladly check your car’s AC free of charge.

Before you go on vacation or hit the road, visit Serrano to take advantage of their free 20-point revision to ensure your car is ready for a long drive. They will also change the air filter for 24 euros and recharge the AC cooling gas for as little as 35 euros.

The maintenance service cost 39 euros plus parts, which are on sale with a 15 percent discount, while a brake fluid change will run you 49 euros.



With Serrano, you can also research insurance for your vehicle.

Grupo Serrano Automoción wants to help their customers cover all the bases, which is why they work directly with companies that have the best policies and the best prices to fit each need and every budget.

Body and Paint ShopChapa

Serrano fully understands that all the maintaining your automobile in top shape is your utmost priority, which is why they have the best teams and equipments to deliver a service that is excellent.

They also understand that if your vehicle does require body work or a paint job that you need this to be done as quickly as possible as mobility is crucial this date and age without ever compromising quality.

Their equipment undergoes constant inspections and rennovations where pertinent.

Used Autos

Grupo Serrano has the biggest and best stock of used automobiles. These vehicles are sold with a 0ne-year guarantee. Before being sold, however, all vehicles are put to the test by experts who ensure your second-hand auto is as good as new.

Selling Your Auto

Among the many other services offered by Serrano is the possibility of selling your vehicle through them but if you’d first like to see how much your vehicle is worth, you can use their free online tool that will quickly assess the value of your auto.
For more information:
Visit them in Elche, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 966 61 20 28


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