Here are the best places to “brunch” in your city…

With so many restaurants nowadays, it’s hard to know where to choose, so we’ve rounded up the most-recommended places for you to enjoy your brunch out, wherever you might be in Spain…




Brunch and Cake: This is a popular place for its wide variety of plates and long opening hours. It opens its doors at 9am until 10pm at night. Anything goes at this café; you can have salad for breakfast or pancakes for dinner. It has a huge variety of fresh food and plenty of hot and cold drinks too. Situated in Carrer d’Enric, it is within walking distance from the city centre.


Dostrece: This is a favourite due to its large breakfast menu. Located in the “up and coming” area of Raval in the Old City, it has a hard-to-beat menu, with eggs, cheeses, breads, yogurts, fruit smoothies, sandwiches and much more. The atmosphere is relaxed and the quality of the food is high.




La Rollerie: This is a well-designed coffee shop in Atocha, close to Vodafone Sol metro. The Breakfast menu and Brunch overlap, leaving you with plenty of options to choose from, with different styled meals too, like; French, Andaluz, English, Vegan, etc. the café also has a bakery section, with fresh breads and pastries for a reasonable price.


Panela & Co: This cosy artisan coffee shop is a popular one for its choice of smoothies, fruit juices and other interesting beverages. It has a variety of breakfasts and brunches available, from sweet meals, like cakes and pastries, to whatever you want on toast, and even salads for those looking for a healthy start to the day. It is located in Lopez de Hoyos street, and opens from 8am – 7pm.




Dulce de Leche Boutique Café: Based in Pintor Gisbert Street, is this special café. It is one of the most recommended for handmade bread, cakes and pastries in the city, and specialises in coffee and hot drinks as well. It has extravagant and creative designed dishes, with a wide variety of combinations for your sandwiches, wraps and bagels. It also has healthy food options and fresh fruit juices. It’s open every day from 9am-9:30pm.


Brunch Corner: This restaurant specialises in English or Spanish brunches. With a large variety of dishes, including; pancakes, bagels, eggs, Spanish tortillas, cakes, sandwiches, fresh juices, coffee, teas, and more. It’s well-located in Plaza Sant Bult, near Valencia’s city centre, and opens from 8 in the morning until 8 at night.




Canada Coffee: This is great if you support organic and environmentally friendly gastronomy. As well as good ethics, the café also specialises in a variety of delicious coffees, teas and fresh juices, as well as well-decorated cakes and pastries, and savoury food, like sandwiches. It’s based in San Francisco street, and open from 10am until 8pm Mon-Tues, until 3pm on Wed, and until 8:30pm Thurs-Sat.


Mish Mish: From 10am-12:30 this restaurant offers exquisite meals to start your day. With different styles, like; Lebanese, Syrian, French, English, Spanish, and more, you won’t be short of options. The food is high-quality and has economical prices. It is also conveniently located in Plaza San Cristóbal, near the centre.




La Cacharreria: This is a popular Spanish-styled restaurant that’s located in Regina street. It’s known for its high-quality cakes and pastries, but they also do a variety of other plates like, sandwiches, toast and fruit. It has a welcoming and friendly environment, where the dishes are made with attention to detail. It opens early at 8:30am, and closes at 10:30pm.


Hard Rock Café: This is a well-known one. With many of these already situated all over the world, it’s still a popular go-to place in Seville. If you can wait until 12pm, you’ll get to enjoy the buzzing environment of Hard Rock, as well as its varied menus and grand portions. It serves mostly American-styled dishes, including: sandwiches, burgers, meat, fajitas, and of course, plenty of dessert choices. It’s in San Fernando street, and open until 1am.




Café 4 Gatos: Open early at 8:30am, you can get your delicious breakfast/brunch to start the day. It has a good variety on its breakfast menu, including tostadas, muesli, fruit, salmon, cheeses, coffees and fresh juices. The café has reasonably-priced dishes, and is well-based in the centre, in Plaza Cruz Verde.


Café La Cala: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the perfect artisan cafe for you… with lots of freshly made cakes and pastries, ice-creams and hot drinks to go with it. It is in San Juan de Dios street, and opens from 7am.




Brunchit Organic: Based in Carreteria street, this popular brunching restaurant is open from 9am, and doesn’t close until 12am. It’s a charming place, with high-quality, fresh and nutritious products. They specialise in coffees, sandwiches, salads, pancakes, cakes, breads, cereals, pizzas and much more.


Café Central: The café has a large, varied breakfast menu to suit all. You can choose from typical Spanish-styled breakfasts, like eggs-based dishes and churros, or even create your own sandwiches. They also have breakfast deals, which includes drinks, and have a large selection of fruit smoothies, teas and coffees.


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