Best pet-friendly beaches this summer

Dogs are becoming even more nowadays a part of the family, and Spain knows exactly how to prepare for that, offering an increasing number of “dog-friendly” beaches, so you don’t have to worry about those heavy fines…


Playa El Pinillo y Playa Ventura del Mar

Marbella is known already for its dog-friendly Linda Vista beach in low-season, but now the city has offered two more beaches to enjoy with your pet.

El Pinillo beach is in the easternmost part of Marbella, near Arroyo Paloma. There, you will find a sandy and rocky beach which stretches for more than 200 metres.

The Ventura del mar is another option for you and your dog, located near the Guadauza river, almost reaching San Pedro Alcántara. It’s a sandy beach that has near-by shops and houses. It’s made up of 250 metres, so there’s plenty of room for your dog to enjoy a run in the sun.

On both of these beaches, there are canine-specific areas, so remember to look for those as not all the beach will be pet-friendly.


Playa de L’Ahuir

This is a ‘must go’ for anyone who wants to begin the day with their dogs on the Valencian coast. With the strong family-oriented essence and the crystalline waters, this beach in Gandía is a top option for you and your pet. Your dog must have a leash on him/her at all times, but when both of you are in the water, he/she can be freed without a problem.



Playa Rec del Molí

The municipality of L’Escala in Girona launches its pet-friendly beach, as well as other surrounding areas, like Castelló d’Empúries. The Playa Rec del Molí is a sandy beach with dunes, rocks and an abundant amount of sea life. The beach goes on for 370 metres.

Near the beach is the natural viewpoint of Les Coves. This could also be another great walk for you and your dog, where you can enjoy great views of L’Escala once you reach the top.


Playa El Puntal en Somo

This year, Santander opened up a canine section on their Puntal beach, located in the main Bay. It is a popular beach, which is more than 4 kilometres long with several dunes.

The area your pet will enjoy is the zone close to Somo muelle. The rest of the beach can be accessed as well in the summer, but only from 8pm to 9am. Still be careful of the fines, as if you don’t stay in the delegated areas, you could end up paying out 1,500 euros in fines.


Playa Santa Cruz de la Palma

Visiting the Canary Islands this year? Well if so, La Palma now is a great place to travel with your pet. This summer, the town council has decided to close an area of the rocky Santa Cruz beach. Now pets can use that area in the southern part, to play freely. A highlight about rocky beaches: no need to worry about washing the sand off later.


TIP: Remember the basics… Keep your documentation always, water and dog biscuits and, most importantly, leave the beach clean when you leave.


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