The Beautiful Beaches of the Costa Blanca: Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo is located south of Cabo de la Nao and in front of the enigmatic Isla del Descubridor, or the Island of the Discoverer. A rustic stairway carved into the rock is the only way to reach the beach and, given the relative difficulty of access, Cala de Ambolo might offer, even in the middle of the summer, that lonely bath that many crave after.

The beach takes its name from the historical lookout tower nearby, built in the sixteenth century, whose function was the surveillance and the maritime defense of pirate attacks. Like the other lookout tower of Jávea which is in the area of ​​Portitxol, this is also located on private land.

With a length of about 80 metres and and average width of 6, Cala de Ambolo is not a very easy place to reach. A road going through an urbanisation of villas and then some long stairs lead to the beach, previously made of rocks and now fixed by adding river pebbles that turned it into a more friendly and familiar beach. The cove has been closed for several years due to the risk of landslides but now wide metal nets support several walls of the cliff. Even though it lack all the modern comfort and security as it does not have any surveillance service, hammocks or anything, Cova da Ambolo is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes one can see in the area of Jávea, so we would definitely recommend a visit, at least to enjoy the stunning views around.

The turquoise waters of the area are perfect for swimming (the Island of the Discoverer can be reached quite easily) and for snorkeling. Many locals consider that, alongside Cala Blanca and La Granadella, Cala de Ambolo is one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire Costa Blanca.

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