Autumn is around the corner and today we have asked ABC Pool Plaza give us some tips on how to prepare your pool for winter.

The month of September, for many indicates the end of their vacations, and although the autumn does not start until September 23rd this year for a large majority it determines the end of summer and the end of the swimming pools.


Once the summer bathing season is over, outdoor swimming pools need to be maintained until they are ready for the next season before the arrival of summer. At this precise moment there are two options to carry out the hibernation: either empty the swimming pool, or to leave it full covering it to protect it.


This process of hibernation for the swimming pool is very important for it to be in good condition to  use next summer with the minimum maintenance  needed before using it again.


Whatever decision you make, as we know it is a personal, you must keep the pool clean at all times, leaving it in the best condition so that its structure remains intact.


Is it better to empty the pool or is it enough to simply cover it until next summer?

From ABC Pool Plaza we give you the best tips to do the maintenance of a pool in winter, with the minimum effort and reducing the economic expense.




How to prepare the pool for winter


When temperatures drop, we stop using the outdoor pool and it is time to decide what maintenance we will carry out. Is it necessary to empty it in all cases? The answer is NO, you don’t have to empty the pool as long as you leave it in good condition for the winter.


Let’s see what are the two main options to maintain a pool during the winter, and what advantages and disadvantages each one offers.


Emptying the pool





Emptying the pool involves the total elimination of the water that occupies it. It is an essential activity to be able to clean and disinfect the pool in depth, taking advantage also to repair the possible cracks and damages that have occurred.


However, if the pool is in good condition and does not need repair, emptying it completely implies an expense of water and an extra work that we can save.


The experts ABC Pool Plaza for maintenance of swimming pools recommend to make the emptying of the swimming pool only at home when really  necessary therefore  taking advantage of the winter season to cover it and to maintain it in the best condition without touching the water.


An empty pool during a long season runs the risk of suffering cracks due to the pressure exerted by the earth on the walls. The expense in water that is carried out, due to the quantity that we must use to refill it before the summer, would also be another of the main reasons to keep it full making a suitable use of that water that it already contains.



Covering the pool




An excellent option is to leave the pool full during the winter, with a minimum maintenance that makes the process easier. In this case, it is advisable to leave the water level at 2/3 of its usual volume, making sure it is clean and in good sanitary conditions.


Outside the bathing season it is not necessary to maintain a high chlorine level, but it is advisable to continue using the purifier to process the stagnant water and leave it clean. The surface, the baskets, the bottom, the skimmers and the filter of the purifier should be cleaned frequently to prevent the accumulation of dirt, even if it is kept covered.


As a complement during the cleaning, monthly it is necessary to verify that the level of pH is suitable, adding the corresponding products to avoid that the water decomposes.


If you are going to leave the pool full during the winter, it is important to make it a safe area when there are children or pets at home. Because this part will be less watched throughout the day, the risk of an accident may be greater. It would be enough to choose a pool cover that is safe. A good cover also allows us to save energy by turning off the circulation motor when not too much dirt accumulates inside.



As you can see, preparing your pool for the upcoming summer season isn’t as difficult as it may sound. At Spain Life we highly recommend you to contact ABC Pool Plaza to help you follow the pool maintenance tips discussed above and you and your family will be able to enjoy the pool all summer long.


They are the one-stop solution for all your swimming pool needs. We recommend  contacting them to check all  of their swimming pool cleaning services in the south of the Costa Blanca and all the areas of the Valencian coast.


You will no longer have to worry about finding different companies for different problems. Contact ABC Pool Plaza today!





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