Arturo Llobell of Clinica Llobell Cortell: Dedicated to dentistry and the pursuit of excellence

For 80 years, the Llobell family have been at the forefront of dental treatment in Valencia. Arturo Llobell,one of the current Clinical Directors, is the fourth generation of specialist practitioners, and, like his predecessors at Clinica Llobell Cortell, he wants to give to the profession, and leave it in a better condition than when he started to practice. This is important to him, because dentistry in Spain works differently to other countries. Arturo told Spain Life Exclusive:


Here in Spain, when you complete your dental degree, there’s nothing to stop you describing yourself as a specialist in any niche of dentistry, whether you have any extra qualifications or experience in a particular area of expertise or not. I would suggest to potential patients to be aware that they should question their dentist’s qualifications among other very important aspects, and not just look for the cheapest option, because it isn’t necessarily the best. At our clinic, it’s specialised patient care and quality that matters most. We are dentists, not businessmen. The patient’s best interests always come first.


Arturo Llobell


Arturo’s family, with more than 80 years of clinical experience in dentistry, raised him with the same patient care philosophy they followed. They didn’t push him into dentistry, but they did insist that whatever career path he took, he gave his best to it, and he’s certainly learned that lesson.  He invested 10 years of his life in training and specialising himself in different fields of dentistry. Not only that, he is much sought after to deliver lectures and seminars across the world. Yet despite the fact that dentists with up to 45 years of experience come to him for advice on the latest dental products and practices, he doesn’t think of himself as anything other than the best dentist he can be, who is always looking to find better ways to treat his patients, using the latest technology to ensure aesthetic and lasting solutions to dental health issues.


In Spain’s media, you’ll often see lavish adverts for multi-office dental practices, self-proclaimed as ‘Globally recognised as the best in our field.’ The tag line on the Llobell Cortell website is simply ‘Benchmarks in dentistry since 1934.’ When you have as much knowledge and experience as they do, you don’t need to tell patients you are the best – they know they are in good hands.


Arturo Llobell


The Llobell family record speaks for itself, and the website’s main focus is on the treatments they offer, and giving the patients a guarantee of restoring a healthy smile with minimal invasive procedures and state of the art protocols. They have no time for flashy adverts, or extravagant promises. It’s all about dedication to dentistry, and a calm but purposeful approach to patient care.


Generations of Llobell dentists have been nationally and internationally recognised for their treatment ethics and their contributions to research and the training of next generation dental practitioners. Arturo’s achievements speak for themselves. He doesn’t need to tell people how good he is – he just gets on with the two things he loves to do more than anything, treat patients and teach and advise other members of the profession. He willingly works up to 12 hours a day in the surgery, saying simply:


I work when my patients need me. If I need to stay late, I will. And I insist that new patients receive their first consultation as soon as possible, but within two weeks at most.


There’s no concession to seniority either – Arturo’s father Enrique works similar hours. Because the team at Llobell Cortell dedicate so much time to their patients, the average waiting time for treatment is around two weeks, with emergencies attended to as a matter of urgency.


This level of dedication can only come from a tradition of ethical professionalism, where patient care is paramount. Whoever you go to for dental treatment, ensure you are receiving the expert attention you deserve by asking to see the practitioner’s CV. Arturo’s qualifications are openly listed on the website, as are his father’s. They are proud of their achievements, and rightly so, but they are also humble enough to realise that people have a choice. All they ask is that you make an informed choice by checking the credentials of any dentist before committing to a treatment programme. Make sure that your prospective clinical expert is, like the Llobell family, dedicated to dentistry.


Arturo Llobell

Contact details:


Calle Cirilo Amorós, 44
46004 Valencia

Telephone: 963 81 04 55




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