Art Gallery 9: Discovering Fine Art in Moraira

In the enchanting coastal town of Moraira on Costa Blanca, lies Art Gallery 9— a haven for art enthusiasts. Founded by Bert Wets and Karolien Van Dael nine years ago, this gallery is the epitome of passion and love for the arts.

Bert Wets, a multifaceted and creative entrepreneur, is not only known for his successful restaurant business (Le Dauphin, Vespas) and his brand of gin (QR Gin) but also for his remarkable foray into the art world. Together with Karolien, he has established a modishly furnished gallery that exudes a cozy ambiance, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the world of art without constraints.

The gallery boasts a diverse array of art forms, including sculptures in wood, metal, iron, and stone, harmoniously displayed alongside paintings and pottery. Bert and Karolien, both talented artists themselves, present their own pieces alongside an eclectic mix of works from around fifteen artists—some from the local region and others from across the globe.

Among the featured artists at Art Gallery 9 are the internationally renowned Spanish duo, Coderch and Malavia. In 2017, they received the prestigious Painting and Sculpture Prize awarded by Queen Sofia. Their masterpiece, “Gigante de Sal,” a striking three-meter-high metal sculpture with a length of six meters, has graced both Moraira and Valencia, symbolizing resilience after the challenges of the pandemic.

The offerings at Art Gallery 9 are constantly evolving. They ensure that every visit brings something new to discover. The gallery’s innovative spirit is evident in the iron and other sculptures adorning towns across the Costa Blanca—testaments to Art 9 Gallery’s unyielding creativity.

If you find yourself in Moraira or nearby, make sure to visit Art Gallery 9 to bask in the captivating artistry it offers. This hidden gem is a testament to the boundless talent of Bert and his team and a true celebration of the arts on the Costa Blanca.

Contact details:

Carretera moraira calpe 147, 0374 Moraira


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