Are you looking for a unique culinary experience in Alicante?

Visit Koiné Bistró, located in sunny Alicante, the perfect destination for food enthusiasts. With the arrival of warm weather and an influx of tourists, now is the ideal time to explore this bistro that combines Mediterranean flavors with Andalusian touches and seasonal ingredients. Ready to surprise your palate?

Koiné Bistró is renowned for its chef, Juanlu Parra, who is always in tune with the latest culinary trends and diners’ preferences. This translates into an innovative menu that changes regularly, ensuring a fresh and exciting gastronomic experience every time you visit. Would you like to try the new delicacies Koiné Bistró has to offer?

Must-Try Dishes at Koiné Bistró

Koiné Bistró’s culinary offerings are diverse and exquisite. A standout example is the Ventresca de atún rojo mechado with fried piparras and freshly baked bread. Can you imagine the explosion of flavors in every bite? The bistro also features nº2 Fine Cadoret oysters, available in various presentations such as natural, with mignonette al palo cortado, pistachio ajoblanco with pickled sea fennel, or citrus beurre blanc. Depending on the season, you can find other special options. Which of these delights will be your favorite?

A Charming Atmosphere

Beyond its culinary offerings, Koiné Bistró provides a cozy and sophisticated ambiance. The décor, with its nuanced tones and elegant textures, creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed meal. After savoring the dishes, why not take a stroll along the beautiful Alicante coast?

Koiné Bistró is more than a restaurant; it’s a complete culinary experience that invites you to enjoy and explore. Are you ready to visit and discover why it’s a gastronomic gem on the Costa Blanca?

Visit Koiné Bistró

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Koiné Bistró before the menu changes and come back in two weeks to try their new dishes. This is the perfect time to enjoy an exceptional dining experience in Alicante. Don’t miss out!

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Visit Koiné Bistró and experience culinary surprises that will delight you.


Contact details

Address: 03001 Bazan 45, Alicante

Phone: 865 724 722




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