Are You Afraid Of The Dentist But Know You Really Need To Go And See One?

Then based on this we today can recommend to you one here in the Costa Blanca that will make your fears disappear and at the same time allow you to relax more in an atmosphere of friendliness and support at all times.

Let me tell you about my latest experience and how it took all my worries away.

In December of last year and then concluding in January 2022 I had to go and see a dentist as one of my teeth had an old filling that had disintegrated and now a hole had appeared so making life uncomfortable, to say the least.

Therefore as I was aware of how good Dr. Weinberg’s reputation was I went along to get checked out and he then proceeded to make me feel safe and comfortable with a good prognosis and how we could help me.

As such my tooth was really looking like it may have to come out as not a lot was left of it in a good state as it was starting to crumble a bit so we then looked at the alternatives and a crown was found to be the best solution but first he needed to see what was going on around my gums and teeth generally.

Therefore X-rays were performed as he has his own specialist area for this and as such he was then able to determine my best treatments and had to commence on root canal to remove an infection in there and to assist in any crown fitting.

This was done and success so then onto the work to create the base on the old tooth to allow a new crown to be fitted Dr. Weinberg did this brilliantly by taking great care of the base he was building as most dental surgeons would have just removed the old tooth but he wanted to help and create a better situation for me.

So over a two-visit period, he performed the task of creating this base with careful precision and then fitted a temporary crown allowing me to have a Christmas as normal for which I was grateful. Then in 2022 after two more visits, the new crown was fitted and i have to say you would now know it is not the original tooth it is perfect and has solved any issues I had and he also then cleaned up any other small issues to make me feel safe and content in knowing I would not have any further problems.

The main thing about Dr. Weinberg is that he is not rushing you to get you in and out he is not treating you just as another number coming in the door but is calm – friendly and makes you feel at ease and you know he cares as he explains all that he is doing and you, therefore, are aware that this is going to work and that you feel valued as a patient.

To finalize I can totally recommend Dr. Joel Wienberg and you can see why he has such a good clients list as you need to book at least a month in advance to get to see him and if you have any dental issues then do not fear the dentist as we all do from time to time but go and see him he will take that fear away and make you feel secure that the treatment he will perform for you will work and put you at ease.

Calpe Dental with Dr. Joel Weinberg at the helm and his more than forty years of dental experience has become a reference in the area due to its philosophy.

His philosophy as a dentist is to provide high-quality gentle dentistry in a relaxed and professional environment. Joel specializes in pediatric dentistry, cosmetic treatments, and implantology. On the latter, his vast experience has led him to provide numerous successful implants.



Contact details:

Address: Avenida Ejercitos Españoles, 16. Edificio Albamar Bajo, Calpe.

Call on 965835657.

24- Hour emergency service on 628 095 249


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