ANDShop offers only the very best in kitchens: Santos

AndShop of Teulada, Spain is an exclusive distributor of Santos Kitchens, a company that for 60 years has pioneered in the manufacture, design and customisation of top of the line products for one of the most important spaces in your home.

Santos kitchens partnered with AND Shop because they both see the ultimate in quality and customer satisfaction.

Kitchens by Santos are sleek, modern and made to order by experts who have a passion for delivering unrivalled results and full customer satisfaction.

“We design and manufacture beautiful, functional, high-quality furniture and accessories that are also comfortable, resistant and versatile,” they state on their website. “Our aim has always been the same: to make work in the kitchen easier.”

Why Santos?

Their experts are aware that no two people are alike, which is why we never think of two identical kitchens. We work especially hard adapting our designs to each project creating welcoming, comfortable spaces to suit our customers’ needs.

“Each person needs to create their own personal space, adapting it to their way of thinking and lifestyle. In Santos we work hard to help this creative process in the kitchen, the real centre of the home, offering solutions that respond to the needs of each person, home and environment. “

Santos is also unique because they don’t just design kitchens they meticulously study the type of work undertaken in the kitchen as it will affect the each kitchen design.

After six decades in the business, Santos’ experts know each task requires a specific solution making it their sole aim to make cooking a more comfortable, quicker, cleaner and satisfying experience: get to know us through our kitchens.

Resistance, durability and functionality are also elements that go into Santos kitchen designs.

A kitchen should be capable of adapting itself to the needs of the user, not the other way around.  Santos seeks to meet the demands that stem from both the new lifestyles and the limited space which is typically available in a kitchen.

Santos’ kitchens offer solutions that are designed to make daily life easier, paying special attention to ergonomic and functional criteria.

Why have a Santos kitchen in your home?

You never know if something is special and unique until you have a look inside, and when you do you will clearly see the Santos’ kitchens — unlike many others in the market.

“We’re not scared to show our interior as it reflects the passion we feel when designing more than just furniture … this is what defines us and also what makes us different.”

Sinks too are important which is why has made sure to have a permanent wide range of versatile and resistant sink units.

They are put together with marine board bases and widths ranging from 45 to 120 cm and can have vertical or horizontal formats, offering various options for distribution, waste classification and an optimum interior organisation.

Rethought kitchens

“We have rethought our kitchens so that each element adds without taking away, occupying just the necessary space for it to perform its function.”

Reducing the thickness of the fronts and sides makes it possible to create kitchen cabinets that are more stylised, lightweight and elegant.

This makes it possible to minimise their impact on the house’s architecture without losing capacity or resistance.

The pure shapes and smooth fronts add simplicity. The resources for built-in appliances and storage solutions add discretion. The smooth and pleasant finishes add a beauty that is not only seen but also felt. The new trend is simple and slender forms.

The wide range of measurements and options that we offer allow us to adapt to any space offering solutions for all types of needs, tastes and styles: comfortable kitchens that are full of life, elegant and practical, affordable and well designed, hard-wearing and versatile, for big and small spaces, etc. Making each kitchen a place to enjoy oneself, to share and to live each moment is just as important as taking full advantage of all the space available.


Visit ANDshope to learn more about Santos Kitchens and begin designing your cooking space:

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