Andalusian forest fire forces 1,500 to evacuate their homes

A forest fire started in a World Heritage nature reserve between Seville and Algarve in Portugal.


Emergency services are now trying to keep the blaze at bay in the reserve in Huelva, which has been on high alert due to the recent heat wave. Now, 1,500 have been removed from homes, campsites and hotels in the area.


Like other parts of Spain, Huelva has been on high alert due to the extreme weather, which is often reaching above 30 degrees Celsius. Other parts of Spain as well are said to be on high alert, like Madrid, which is reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius.


The blaze was spotted on Saturday night, in the region of Moguer, Huelva, and was treated as a “Level 1,” or maximum threat, by the emergency services.


This comes just a week after the tragic forest fire in Portugal, which killed 64 people.


The environment minister of Andalucía, José Fiscal, has said that the fire in Huelva was likely caused by arson.


The situation is now being controlled by a “joint military-civilian” operation, which includes emergency services, 11 planes, 10 helicopters and many land vehicles.


Around 750 of the 1,500 people moved from the area are needing to be temporarily housed in sports centres, with only some residents being allowed to return to their properties.


The fire is in Doñana National Park, which is an important wildlife reserve home to a number of endangered species, such as; the Iberian lynx and the Spanish imperial eagle.


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