An oasis in the middle of Godella’s orange fields: Masía Xamandreu

This Masía, formerly called Villa María, has no less than 139 years of life. Back in 1884 it was owned by a very wealthy banker and industrialist named José Jamandreu i Sitges; also owner of the Palacio de la Baylia (current headquarters of the Provincial Diputación of Valencia), who along with his wife inhabited this mansion located in the municipality of Godella for many years.

When one approaches the Masía, you can already feel the aroma of the orange fields that surround it, and immediately upon crossing the first of its doors two rows of palms open up to the main door of the villa. It is practically like entering an oasis.

Excellently located, a few meters from the highway, the typical Valencian environment of the villa invites you to feel relaxed and at peace. You can feel the breeze and the chirping of the birds that rest on an immense amount of trees, plants and flowers that stand out in the place. There are different gardens, which have been preserved since then and are kept to perfection, forming areas of shelter where you can sit and enjoy leisure and calm.


Masía Xamandreu has been restored and prepared to receive many people per year, who choose it to celebrate different events: from weddings, corporate parties and banquets; to paella competitions. Even today, after almost a century and a half of being built, the restoration respected some old buildings such as the olive mill, the stables, the hermitage, an original aqueduct and the patio.

Every site is a painting, a balm. The details are seen in every corner of the villa, both inside and outside. It is obvious that there is a team working behind it to make the site look so impeccable. Masía Xamandreu is really pure inspiration. And this must have been known very well by another of the characters who inhabited it, a renowned Valencian painter named Ignasio Pinazo Camarlench. It is known that he painted different paintings, among them Las cuatro estaciones, a set composed of different paintings that he dedicated to the Jamandreu family and that were recognized as masterpieces within the impressionist portrait of the 19th century.


It is easy to understand why the reservations do not cease, and even more in these times where warm days are more frequent, and people look for authentic and cozy places where they can celebrate the most special moments of their lives. A fun fact is that during a weekday visit to Masía Xamandreu, a large staff was preparing an Asian wedding at the villa. The site is wonderful! One can’t imagine a better place for a celebration!

Although the villa is from 1884, inside it has been adapted with the best technology to be able to provide the service that visitors deserve and meet their expectations. Masía Xamandreu has collected an unquestionable prestige in all these years in which it has been the protagonist site of a large number of celebrations and unforgettable experiences. It is a reference of quality and good taste in Valencia and its name is synonymous with professionalism, exclusivity, high cuisine, surprise and distinction.

High cuisine is one of the distinctions of Masía Xamandreu, and its caterings are excellent. Behind each celebration there is always a large staff working side by side so that visitors can enjoy a perfect stay and feel like in a dream.

So you know, if you want to celebrate in a warm, different, well Valencian environment, in the middle of nature and what you are looking for is comfort and quality, Masía Xamandreu is the place. Get in touch with its team and visit the villa. You will fall in love! We assure you!


Contact Details:

Address: Road Godella to Bétera, kilometer point 4 of the CV310. Access from the AP7 by exit 321 (towards Bétera).


Phone: +34 963 63 84 43


For corporate events:


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