Ammos Restaurant in Moraira, the Place to Savour Variety

A cozy, laid-back restaurant with great contemporary design and friendly atmosphere, Ammos is a place to enjoy all day long, from the early morning coffee to breakfast, from lunch to an afternoon bite, and from dinner to late night cocktails.


Located right in front of the beach, in the heart of the town of Moraira, where you can enjoy watching the ever changing colours of the sea and the spectacular sunsets behind the mountains, Ammos restaurant is all about “friendly staff and good vibes that we bring to every table” as the owner, Corinna Xenakis, says.


And it is also about a cosmopolitan approach, as both the interior design and the menu are a unique blend of styles and tastes from all around the world.



Corinna has been travelling intensively, since early childhood, and thus collected lots of holiday memories, diverse cultural particularities of the everyday life and many exotic references that gave the unique shape of this original restaurant concept.


Ammos opened its doors back in 2013, when Corinna was only 21 years old. Since 2015, the place slowly started to change, until the spring of 2017, when the completely renovated and updated Ammos restaurant that we are enjoying today – fun, casual and playful, yet elegant and filled with carefully chosen details, and with a new team always aiming for higher and higher standards, set forth.



The Menu

“From Spanish tapas to Italian homemade pizzas and Mexican fajitas, there is enough choice for the whole family to enjoy a hint of flavor from all around the world” Corinna adds. Based upon Corrina’s background and experience, and also on the chef’s skills, Ammos is the place to find authentic flavours and textures.





Here you can enjoy a generous breakfast, in either the English, French, Italian or the Greek version.


The lunch and dinner menu puts accent on many salads, including the César, Greek and Caprese, but also their own delicious mixes like Estiva or Campesina. Their homemade Italian pizzas are also a must try, and from the menu you can also choose among delicacies such as gourmet beef burgers and meat specialties, nachos and fajitas with authentic Mexican sauce, delicious pasta and wonderful homemade desserts and crêpes.





As for cocktails, make sure you try their Premium Gin Tonics or their fabulous Cava Cocktails.


Besides the great diversity of the menu, Ammos restaurant also offers tiny little details that come from keen observation of diverse cultural habits. With their kitchen open all day long, Ammos restaurant manages, for instance, to serve dinner at the proper Brit and Dutch hours, thus way earlier than to what the Spanish, as well as Italians and most people around the Mediterranean, are used to.


And with the nicely designed interior and terrace, inspiring a beach bar and mixing contemporary features with discrete colonial and tribal decorations, bright colours and lots of plants, Ammos restaurant is the place for everyone to relax and savour the moment, the atmosphere, the taste, the diversity. “We love every second and enjoy every moment” is the line of Ammos, and they are doing their best, every day, to share it with their clients and their friends.



For more details, take a look at their website.



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