Amazing New Outdoor Designs from Sibarigrass

Turning the gardens into comfortable, clean, pleasant and always green areas, these new outdoor interventions of Sibarigrass showcase the versatility of their products and the limitless options in applying them.

Great Green Hues Even in the Shadow

“This garden already had natural grass but, being in a shady area, it was never in optimal conditions, the Sibarigrass team says. Thanks to our artificial grass, we have recreated that space that will always remain green, clean and with hardly any maintenance.”

The work was clean and fast and the installation only lasted one day. Sibarigrass team made the preparation of the base with SANDGRASS® BASE, then installed the GEOGRASS® TF100, and finally laid the artificial turf using the CLOVEGRASS® L100. The result looks perfect and can stay perfect, with proper maintenance, for up to 15 years, allowing the users to fully enjoy their garden.


A Garden of 850 sqm


Here the artificial grass model SIBARIGRASS® VISION 32 was used – a very competitive turf, with an exceptional value for money, with a height of 32 mm that guarantees a great naturalness, comfort and a very good resistance for the majority of applications. SIBARIGRASS® VISION 32 is an artificial grass belonging to our Landscape collection and is suitable for residential areas, gardens, shopping areas and landscaping. For this project, the team of Sibarigrass had to remove all the natural grass, prepare the base and install the artificial turf, all this in a time of execution of approximately 10 days.

Sibarigrass is a high quality product: flame retardant, permeable, resistant to ignition, chlorine, seawater and almost any inclement weather. With proper maintenance, the product has a lifespan of up to 15 years. Their products have up to 10 year warranty. The guarantee covers the discoloration and degradation of the fibers by UV rays. The warranty period varies depending on the country where the product is used. The result is a green surface that looks perfect, no matter the weather, and that can stay perfect, with proper maintenance, for up to 15 years.

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