All i pebre, the Famous Valencian Stew

This delicacy is a favorite among valencianos, and after trying it we’re sure you’ll see why. All i pebre is a stew containing chunks of eel and potatoes simmered to perfection in a sauce that includes garlic, paprika and almonds. Not as well known outside the region as other typical food from Valencia, this hearty meal is one of the locals’ best-kept secrets and a true gastronomic hidden gem.

All i pebre is a stew made of eel and potatoes in a sauce of garlic and paprika. It’s one of the most beloved typical foods from Valencia among locals.
A piping hot bowl of all i pebre is the perfect way to warm up.

The Albufera of Valencia keeps one of the oldest and most tasty culinary traditions: the ‘All i pebre’. Based on eel and potato, this delicacy of fishermen can rival even the paella.
Few places keep the charm and tradition of one of the most photographed places in the work of the novelist Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. Cañas y Barro, Arroz y Tartana or Entre Naranjos are just some of the novels that take place at La Albufera in Valencia. The lake keeps in its depths the essence of one of the most well-known and genuine dishes of the Valencian recipes: the ‘All i pebre’.

It is precisely in this lagoon where the eel is raised, the main ingredient of this recipe that rivals in tradition and history with the famous Valencian paella. The characteristics of its meat are those that endow the dish with a very peculiar unctuousness and flavor. And is that this fish raised in this area has as a predominant notes a sweet and at the same time intense flavor. Although the eel is used in Valencian cuisine to give life to other dishes, it is the ‘All i pebre’ (garlic and paprika in Valencian) which has achieved total supremacy over the rest, to such an extent that the most common is to refer to the name of ‘all i pebre’ to the ‘All i pebre’ of eels.

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