Alcohol and drugs use increase during the summer months

Holidays are a good time to start addiction treatment. Discover what Triora clinics can do for you and your life.


The good weather, the absence of routines, socializing more, music festivals… These are some of the factors and situations that make summer a critical time of the year when the consumption of addictive substances increases. Young Spaniards is the fourth group that has used the most cannabis in the last year in Europe (17.1%), according to a report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Furthermore, more than 1.5 million people in Spain present alcohol problems and another 120,000 persons have problems with cocaine addiction.


According to Joaquín Descals, medical director of the addiction treatment clinic Triora Alicante and the outpatient centres of Madrid and Barcelona, “seasonality is a factor that can influence addictions and the rebound of relapses, especially for alcohol and cocaine addicts”.


How to identify the symptoms of alcohol and cocaine addiction

Addiction is a disease that modifies behaviour and alters the structure and functioning of the brain. Experts talk about addiction when the substance becomes too prominent in the person’s life. According to Triora specialists, in the case of alcohol, the typical symptoms of alcoholism are:


  • Not being able to stop drinking when trying. The alcohol addict shows withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop drinking. They need to drink alcoholic beverages and lose control when they do it. If consumption is maintained over time, the dose must be increased more and more to achieve the desired state of intoxication. This situation is called the tolerance phenomenon.


  • Life revolves around drinking. The addicts spend much of the time drinking and practically the rest of the day recovering from the effects that the drink causes on the body. They fail to perform their tasks at work, at home or in their studies because of alcohol, and their personal relationships worsen significantly. Despite this, they continue to drink, even knowing that they are putting their health at risk, and sometimes also the safety of others.


Why alcohol and drug use increases during summer


As for cocaine, the consumer will have great cravings to consume again after the comedown that follows the initial high to be able to experience that same state of euphoria again. According to the Triora Alicante specialist, “when someone stops using cocaine, they are very likely to feel empty, dejected or exhausted and they even suffer from mood swings. Cocaine users may also have trouble concentrating or remembering things”.


A clean summer

If summer is a time when alcohol and drugs use is higher, as is the risk of relapse, it is also a good time to end addiction and go to a treatment centre. “In summer many people take advantage of holidays period to put themselves in the hands of professionals and overcome their addiction, since a break can be made without the daily commitments and responsibilities being altered”, says Dr. Descals. “One of the treatment options we offer at Triora Alicante is a stay in the clinic for a few weeks and then continue recovery on an outpatient basis, either in the clinic, in the outpatient centres of Madrid or Barcelona or from the city of residence of the patient by secure videoconference”.


Triora Group can help you with your alcohol and drugs use problem

The Triora Group has clinics in Alicante and Málaga and outpatient centres in Madrid and Barcelona. They specialise in treatment and rehabilitation of people with disorders related to the use of substances, such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin, pills or alcohol, and with pathological behaviours such as addictions to new technologies —mobile phones, internet and videogames— and game (gambling). They have a multidisciplinary team of highly specialised professionals formed of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, educators and health workers with extensive experience in all phases of detoxification and rehabilitation of patients.


Why alcohol and drug use increases during summer


Triora Addictions applies an innovative comprehensive treatment model that addresses the fundamental pillars of the person’s well-being: body, mind and values. Either on an outpatient basis or with admission to the clinic, the treatment seeks to rehabilitate the patient while finding meaning in life. If you think you may have an addiction or you have an alcohol and drugs use problem, ask for help as soon as possible. Triora experts can assist you in recovering from your addiction. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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