Add a Dash of Luxury to Your Home with High-End Homes Interior Decor

Oozing in elegance and charm, we want to tell you about three luxury decor brands at High-End Homes Marbella that will add that extra sparkle of luxury that your home is missing. 

We all like our home to look as good as possible. However, we do not always know how to achieve that desired air of luxury and sophistication in the different rooms that compose it. Obviously, this is a long process, but this article can serve as a starting point.

Striving for contemporary luxury, Ann Sand readily tends to clients all over Marbella to help them reflect that sought-after glamour that Marbella is known for in their home decor. As interior decorator of High-End Homes, Ann has an innate eye for excellence in interior brands. 

Here are three brands available at High-End Homes that we’re currently lusting over at the moment: 


Danish brand GUBI is known for developing and marketing a bold and stylish collection of furniture, lighting, and decorative objects. It was founded by his parents in 1967, the year the current owner and creative director, Jacob Gubi, was born.

It draws inspiration from lost iconic remnants of the past and avant-garde designs, resulting in a collection of eclectic furniture and lamps that blur the lines between the past and the future. The collection of furniture and lamps is formed by highly aesthetic and thought-provoking original designs, characterized by simple forms, original materials, and innovative techniques that defy time and space.

Each Gubi piece is exquisite in its own right, with a story to tell, capturing a fleeting moment in history that is still relevant today.


Lighting also has a great influence on the feeling of luxury that the house can offer. Avoid fluorescent lights and opt instead for softer ones, which will generally contribute to giving a much more luxurious look to the environment in question. In the living room and/or dining room is not a bad option is a large ceiling lamp that provides a central light, preferably where we sit to eat or dine, and gives personality to the room.

Light fixtures from Nuura create aesthetically pleasing lighting that radiates the joy of Nordic nature. With the chandelier as a starting point, Nuura offers a collection that enriches any public and private space. Featuring delicate designs with optimal use of technology and high-quality materials, the brand strives to generate a positive impact on our well-being, and so Nuura represents a new classic style of sensual and timeless design.


Moving onto the bedroom, small touches such as bed linen and bed clothes also make a huge difference in setting off the luxurious touch to a room. Made from the finest Egyptian cotton, Abate has that special, soft-to-touch extravagant feel that will leave you wanting to stay in bed all day. Based in Oslo, Abate has become the minimalist staple of Scandinavian bedclothes. 


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