Activewear Designs for Men. From IT Men

Looking for the authentic and stylish workout style? Then get your inspiration from IT Men, the store in the heart of Altea that sells some of the top worldwide brands for menswear.


IT Men has got some of the most exclusive fashion brands for sportswear, brands that create apparel with unique style yet all the comfort of the ergonomic design, and that use production technology and high quality materials to serve the luxury of fine tailoring whilst never precluding the practicality of use.




Plein Sports is one of the brands that you can find exclusively at the IT Men store, and these unique designs will definitely catch your attention. The sports division of the German designer Philipp Plein have a special touch, with extremely graphic mixes of textures and high quality materials especially designed for sports and gym. This is an authentic niche collection for your gym but also for any casual outing.




Also available in the IT Men store, the Bikkembergs Spring-Summer 2018 collection is an extraordinary mix of sporty feelings and vibrant colors, with a design that exudes movement, action and sporting activity. From ready-to-wear to shoes, all the items of the collection pay tribute to an active and dynamic lifestyle.




Dirk Bikkembergs is the brand that finds creative inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of sport, and for their image they use many geometrical details that highlight the masculine expression. All their designs exude straightforward self confidence and energy, and you can basically wear Bikkembergs anywhere, at anytime.



For more information, visit the IT Men website or visit them at the store in Calle Conde de Altea 29, Altea.

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