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If you’re considering purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, you might be wondering when the optimum time is. It’s entirely up to you when you acquire a swim spa or hot tub; they’re pleasurable in practically any season and in almost any type of weather. However, many individuals who are new to hot tubbing question if they can use one in the cold.



ABC Pool Plaza offers the greatest advice on how to maintain a hot tub with the least amount of effort and reduce the economic expense.



We all know it’s frigid in the winter. It’s here to stay, and the weather could get even colder in the coming months. This is the ideal moment for many folks to purchase a hot tub. One of the great delights of spa ownership is returning home after a hard day when it’s freezing outside and slipping into that wonderful hot water and bubbles. It can even aid in the treatment of a cold.

As previously said, many individuals enjoy using their hot tubs in the winter. It’s vital to note that when the outside temperature is lower, your spa’s heater system needs to work more to keep the water at your preferred temperature. This will increase your energy bill, therefore it’s best to lower the temperature a few degrees to keep your hot tub running costs under control.

If you’re not going to use your spa during the winter, make sure it’s properly drained before it gets too cold. The freezing of leftover and undrained water in the pipes causes the majority of hot tub damage we hear about during the chilly winter months. This damage is significantly more expensive than simply running it in the winter.

But if you decide to keep your hot tub active during the winter period, there are a few things you need to do in advance to prepare…


  1. Make a water change

It’s well worth draining and refilling your hot tub before it gets too cold, and then giving it a good cleaning. Changing the water when it’s chilly outdoors can be difficult and unpleasant. Before the cold winter comes in, change the water and give your hot tub a thorough cleaning to ensure that it is in top functioning order so you can enjoy it.


  1. Examine Your Cover

The surface of the water accounts for a large portion of a hot tub’s heat loss, especially in older models. Before the cold weather sets in, inspect your hot tub cover to make sure it’s in good shape… not bowing and rising up at the corners, for example. This will discharge and waste valuable heat, causing your energy expenses to skyrocket.


  1. Floating Thermal Blanket

In addition to the cover, you can invest in a thermal blanket that floats on the water’s surface and stops the heat from rising. It also protects the underside of your hot tub’s cover.


  1. Verify the Water Level

During the winter, it’s especially vital to keep a check on the water levels in your spa, especially if you haven’t used it in a while. If the water level in your hot tub falls too low, your pump and heater may shut off, resulting in frozen water and costly or permanent damage to your hot tub.



Turning It Off

It’s also fine if you decide to keep your hot tub turned off throughout the cold months. However, make certain that this is done correctly to avoid costly damage to the spa’s interior components.



  1. Drain and flush

To begin, drain and flush all of the water from your hot tub, as well as all of its components. You can’t have any water in the hot tub that isn’t circulating around the system during the winter months since it will freeze and cause damage to the components and piping.



  1. Air Compressor

If your hot tub includes an air fan (which most do), you’ll need to empty the water from that as well. Turn off the heating system and operate the air blower for 30 seconds to remove all of the water and dry up the system.


  1. Replace The Filters

It’s a good idea to remove and clean the filters if you’re going to be away from your hot tub for an extended amount of time. This is the ideal time to replace them if they need to be replaced. Clean your filter, let it dry, then store it safely for the winter.


  1. Unscrew your fasteners

Be careful that even after the hot tub has been entirely emptied, there may still be water in many of the fittings that connect all of your plumbing together. Allow any water to drain by loosening these.


5. Clear The Jets

It’s also crucial to ensure sure the jet system isn’t clogged with water. Blow air through each of the jets using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to ensure that all of the water has been blasted out.


6. Final Clean

Now you must clean the hot tub shell and cover it thoroughly to ensure that all germs have been eradicated and that nothing may fester and grow while your spa is empty.



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