A Life Sculpted by Art: Marie-Louise’s Artistic Journey


Marie-Louise’s journey in art is profound, rooted in a rich educational background from the Amsterdam Art Academy. Her dedication to the arts is reflected in her diverse expertise, spanning painting, sculpting, and various forms of graphics. Among her cherished creations, the ballerina sculpture stands out as one of her favorite pieces, embodying her passion and intricate craftsmanship.

Sculpting a Legacy

“After studying for 7 years at the Amsterdam Art Academy, I devoted my entire life to art. I have a 1st degree (comparable to a Master in fine arts) in all visual art and art history. This means: painting in oil paint, watercolor, and all forms of graphics, but also 3-dimensional: sculpting in bronze, wood, stone and mixed materials and techniques,” she states. This comprehensive training laid the groundwork for a distinguished career, highlighted by her mastery in sculpting.

Marie-Louise’s sculptures, particularly those in bronze, have become a cornerstone of her artistic expression. Her ballerina sculpture, for instance, captures the grace and poise of the dancer, showcasing her ability to bring movement and emotion to life through her art. “Sculpting allows me to express the fluidity and strength of the human form,” she explains.

Galeria Arte de Marie-Louise: A Sculptural Haven

The strategic location of her gallery in Ondara, with its extensive shop windows, provides a unique avenue for art appreciation. “You can view the enormous collection through the windows,” Marie-Louise mentions, highlighting the gallery’s open invitation to art lovers.

“My ‘Galeria Arte de Marie-Louise’ is located next to the large “Arena” in the old center of Ondara. The entrance, which is opposite “El Prado”, has parking spaces in front of the door. This is useful if customers take a work of art with them in the car. Of course, I also deliver or ship works of art to all countries.”

Her gallery’s collection is a testament to her vast experience and keen eye for quality, featuring a diverse range of styles and techniques. “I choose my international collection of works of art based on my knowledge of the art world. I can offer a wide range of paintings and graphics in terms of both styles and techniques, but what is certainly special is my large collection of bronze sculptures, from small to life-size!” she shares, underscoring the unique aspects of her gallery’s offerings.

Marie-Louise’s sculptures range from intimate pieces to life-sized works, each one meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of presence and storytelling. Her ballerina sculptures, in particular, are renowned for their delicate detailing and dynamic forms, capturing the essence of dance and movement.

Envisioning a Sculptural Landmark

Building on her extensive experience, Marie-Louise is ambitiously planning to establish a museum of Modern Art in Spain. “I am also looking for a location here in Spain for a museum of Modern Art (20th century), in which I can exhibit all the works of art (paintings and bronze sculptures) from my foundation,” she reveals, aiming to showcase her foundation’s collection of 20th-century artworks.

This vision for a new cultural landmark underlines her commitment to enriching Spain’s artistic landscape and inviting collaboration within the art community. Her planned museum will be a testament to her dedication to the arts, offering a space where her sculptures and other works can inspire and educate future generations.

Contact Details


Mobile: 0031 652376641 (Whatsapp)


Galeria Arte de Marie-Louise

•Address: Carrer Poeta Vicent Andrés Estellés 1, 03760 Ondara

•Opening hours: See website, most times Friday 17:00 – 19:00 pm, or by appointment.

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