A green carpet that inspires nature

Sibarigrass is a company that designs, produces and commercialises artificial turf of high quality to improve the appearance and use of houses and sports facilities. The expectations of the clients of Sibarigrass are surpassed by their extensive experience, the offer of solutions focused on efficiency, quality and profitability. This company has as added values professionalism, honesty and respect, reflected in the staff available in all areas of the company.


This business produces grass with optimal and innovative raw material, tested under strict quality controls and rigorous environmental requirements. The durability and resistance of its products is unbeatable as it makes an permeable grass, avoiding water impoverishment, free of heavy metals to make it more natural and flexible. The products of Sibarigrass are resistant to chlorine, seawater and almost any inclement weather. The product warranty varies depending on the country of installation, discoloration and degradation of the fibres by UV rays. Among the most outstanding products of the company are the Landscape Collection, perfect for residential, commercial and landscape areas thanks to its resistant and natural texture. The Sports Collection is special for athletics facilities of all kinds. On the other hand, the Colorful Collection gives you the possibility to decorate interior spaces with coloured grass.



There are several types of grass in Sibarigrass, such as Deluxe 36, grass with soft and natural texture. The Bermuda 40 is possibly the best-known grass, as it is used in public parks and even in football stadiums. These two references are special for outdoor spaces for resistance to dry weather and warm. For less transitable spaces and interiors you can choose between the references Deluxe 26 and Bermuda 30, with the appearance of freshly cut grass that gives a touch of glamour to any terrace.


The advantages of installing artificial grass in a house, in a store or in a sports centre are many. This is a product with very good acceptance for decoration, so it provides a real and impeccable appearance. The possibility of installing it on any surface makes it a versatile and practical product, the drainage is exceptional and the cleaning is easy and fast, so you will enjoy a gorgeous grass all year round. The children will love it and of course it is suitable for pets. You will save time and money by choosing artificial grass!



Sibarigrass is an expert in gardens and landscaping. We can take a look at one of the installations made for one of its clients. The installation gives life to a garden that used to be a desertic place and the abundance of dust was unbearable. Now they have a luxury installation with an elegant appearance all year!



If the surroundings of your pool are worn or the floor has imperfections that can become dangerous, take a look at the following images to give you an idea of the renewed appearance you could get if you choose to install artificial grass in your home. The natural green colour contrasts perfectly with the blue colour of the pool, you can walk safely throughout of the enclosure and the distinguished style that it gives to the space is formidable. Request your budget now!



Visit the Sibarigrass website to see more photos and products: You call also call at the phone number +34 966 477 533 or write an email to Sibarigrass offices are located at avenida de Valencia, 25B, in El Verger (Alicante). Also, you can follow on Facebook ( and Twitter (


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