6 benefits of Kinesiotape

Surely you have also seen athletes with coloured strips glued to their bodies. This strip is Kinesiotape, a type of neuromuscular bandage or kinesiology tapes. But what are these tapes and what are they for? Physhioplus experts tell us their main benefits.


Kinesiotape is a neuromuscular bandage composed of an elastic cotton adhesive tape with a layer of glue for medical use that allows the skin to perspire. The texture and elasticity of these tapes is very similar to that of human skin, so they do not limit movements and adapt perfectly to the practice of any sport.


Its origins date back to 1970, when Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, developed them as a method to facilitate the natural recovery of the body. However, the Kinesiotape would not arrive in Spain until around the year 2000.


But how does it work? When our muscles are injured, they become inflamed or contracted. In this way, the affected area is compressed and squeezes our veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels, which causes us pain. In these cases, the expert places the Kinesiotape so that it tenses and slightly elevates the skin, improving blood circulation and drainage of muscle tissues. So, the area is decompressed, reducing tension and pain.


Kinesiotape Applicationsv


Nonetheless, Physioplus physiotherapists warn us that it is not a product you can buy in the store and apply it by yourself waiting for miraculous results. It is necessary to train to learn how to use it correctly and understand the mechanisms behind it.


Why use Kinesiotape

We have already seen that this neuromuscular bandage can relieve the pain of an injury and that they are suitable for training with them. But what are its main advantages?


  1. It improves muscle action and circulation, favouring body movement.
  2. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that accelerates drainage and improves the recovery of injuries.
  3. Kinesiotape is very quick to put on and take off. In addition, it usually falls after three or four days, when it is no longer effective.
  4. It is waterproof, so we can lead a normal life when we wear it.
  5. It allows to continue doing all kinds of sports while we are wearing it.
  6. This tape is an aesthetic bandage with a great variety of colours. Some say that the tones of Kinesiotape have certain healing properties, but in reality they are not more than cosmetic alternatives.


Kinesiotape should be put on by a professional physiotherapist


How to look after yourself if you suffer a sports injury

Sports injuries can be difficult to treat, so it is best to look for a specialist. Physioplus is a modern physiotherapy clinic located in the centre of El Albir. Here you can find the help you need for your chronic conditions, get specific functional rehabilitation exercises or to improve performance for your sport. And they also put Kinesiotape, of course. In addition, they have an equipped gym for analysis and functional training and even an indoor golf simulator. On the other hand, they are also specialised in Active Release Techniques (ARTⓇ).


Do you need a physiotherapy session? Call Physioplus today, book your appointment and free yourself from pain. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.




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