EXCITING TIMES AT ZAHARA as they announce their new menu due to acquiring one of the best in chefs in the Costa Blanca.

Today we wish to announce that the best restaurant in the Marina de Denia namely Zahara Restaurant & Sunset Lounge has a new menu from their new Chef Fernando Cativelli who we are going to tell you about in this article.


We will present the menu to everyone at the end of this week and for now, we can tell you that it is amazing and everyone needs to come and sample it as if anyone has had a meal at the new Restaurant so far and was maybe a little disappointed then we can assure you the new menu will fulfill everyone’s taste and style…. so you need to visit them soon and taste this exciting change in cuisine… However, In the meantime, we wish to let you know a little bit about the new chef Fernando Cativelli who is responsible for the new flavours and culinary creations that are going to be a success.





Chef Fernando Cativelli after graduating from the gastronomic university Le cordon bleu and having completed a master’s degree in various gastronomic specialties arrived in Spain after traveling and living in several countries across the world. Throughout his gastronomic journey, he has taken his preparations to another level with his unique fusions of cultures, ingredients, and techniques, both classic and modern, to make it an experience in every single bite that his customers take to their palate.



“Each culture is a unique and special world and food is the bridge that unites us between them.” Passion, art, love, dedication, are the words that define this great chef in his dishes.


He was born originally in Milan Italy to an Italian father and a Venezuelan mother, and from his early years he grew up tasting food with great flavors due to his Italian grandmother who was a cultural cook, and his Latin mother who was also a passionate cook. They both used to prepare delicious food for him so from the age of eight he fell in love with cooking and he began with the help of his mother’s family to learn all the cooking secrets from her.





After finishing his basic and middle studies he enrolled in Le cordon bleu where he learned everything that was necessary and more to graduate from the first of his class to become today a chef committed to a culinary vision acquired during his 13 years of international experience in more than 15 countries.


He has always worked in leading hotels and restaurants based on 5-star standards and the obstacles he has faced in his personal and professional life have driven him to develop his strengths and become a person with fresh ideas to practice and promote the highest values and respect for his profession, passion, and love for gastronomy which is his life’s motto.


Therefore we here at Spain Life highly recommend you to visit  Zahara and give the new menu a new try with the delicious Mediterranean cuisine that we will show you very soon on this website… so look out for more posts – articles and more on this unique restaurant coming soon.





Marina de denia

Puerto Deportivo

+34 965 784 902



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