Five Weird Spanish Phrases – You’ll Love to Know


We all need to learn Spanish at some point if we are going to live in Spain. But where do you start?

Problem Solved!

Here are 5 weird Spanish phrases that you will be happy to learn. Why?  Because well… if you hear them spoken to you, you’ll be glad to know what they mean.

 Echar una cana al aire “(Throw a gray hair in the air).” Wait! What? Apparently, the gray hair is yours, and by throwing it in the air you’re just remembering your youth. That is, you’re having fun again, letting go and saying… yeah to hell with it all. You’re probably having sex too! Start throwing those gray hairs people – quick!

No tener pelos en la lengua “(Not having hair on your tongue.)” Oh My God! Who has hair on their tongue? Apparently this one is referring to those who are a little too sincere, the ones who never leave anything unsaid, therefore if they had hair on their tongue it would get in the way of the words.

Diálogo de besugos “(A Bream’s dialogue)” The Spanish use the word Besugo as a synonym for dumb. Nope, I don’t get it either. When did you last have a conversation with a fish? Ahhhhh…ok!

En boca cerrada no entran moscas “(Flies won’t enter a closed mouth).” – Self explanatory I’m guessing.

Éramos pocos y parió la abuela “(We were not enough, so Grandma gave birth)”This is getting weirder by the minute. Okay, this is a way of talking about a run of bad luck, just as we would say, “Can things really get any worse?” Well if Grandma is giving birth, then the answer to that is a big fat YES!

I have another five ready to wet your appetite tomorrow – So keep a look out for Spanish lesson number two. A hint: Tomorrow “everyone cooks beans everywhere”… apparently.

Manana Mis Amigos




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