Spring Infusion: La Plume’s April Menu in Bloom

Spring is back, and so is La Plume with a new menu that’s perfect for the season. With simple, fresh flavors and a sunny terrace setting among the trees, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy the best of spring’s bounty. Each dish, from the zesty Salmon Tataki to the creamy Risotto with Salmon, is crafted to complement the laid-back, natural vibe of the season at La Plume.

Subtle Beginnings

La Plume ushers in the spring with starters that tease the senses, blending textures and tastes into an artful prelude. The Salmon Tataki, poised on avocado and edamame hummus, is a delicate balance of smoky and smooth that’s both refreshing and intriguing.

A Main Course Symphony

The main dishes are a medley where each flavor sings. The Risotto with Salmon is an aria of creamy, herby notes, while the Trio of Fish is a harmonious ensemble of tastes, drizzled with a subtle dill sauce. La Plume’s terrace, amidst blooming nature and under the gentle Mediterranean sun, offers the perfect backdrop to these seasonal compositions.

Sweet Spring Echoes

As the final act, desserts like the Spanish Natillas offer a sweet, creamy melody, a lullaby to the vibrant meal just savored.

Dining at La Plume is a serene experience. It’s here that every bite celebrates the joy of spring. Reserve your table now!


Partida Cautivador 39, 03530 La Nucía

(CV-760 Road, La Nucía/Altea km5)

+34 616 88 44 68



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