Saltea: Just Reopened with a Spring-Inspired Look

Positioned against the scenic Marina Greenwich, Saltea has long been a favorite for its captivating views and Mediterranean cuisine. On March 2nd, Saltea reopened their doors, revealing a decor inspired by the freshness of spring and introducing an updated menu, while retaining its classic favorites.

Spring Comes to Saltea

As guests revisit Saltea, they’ll be greeted by an interior that celebrates the vibrancy of spring. The restaurant is adorned with floral decorations adding a burst of life and color. This seasonal refresh extends to Saltea’s menu, where new offerings accompany the much-loved seafood dishes and paellas that have become the restaurant’s hallmark.

The dining journey at Saltea starts with a selection of entrées and salads, designed to showcase the freshest ingredients from the local area. The seafood selection, a cornerstone of the menu, features the day’s best catches from the Mediterranean, promising a genuine taste of the sea. Additionally, the array of rice dishes and paellas has been expanded to include both traditional recipes and innovative takes, all honoring the essence of Mediterranean culinary tradition

Meat lovers will find satisfaction in the carefully chosen cuts and grilled dishes. Each is prepared to highlight their inherent flavors and juiciness. The meal concludes with a variety of desserts, ranging from beloved classics to contemporary innovations, ensuring a delightful finish.

Bringing Saltea Home

In tune with the needs of today’s diners, Saltea has introduced a call-for-pickup service. This allows guests to enjoy their preferred dishes in the comfort of their own homes. This service, available from 1 pm to 9 pm, ensures that the flavors of Saltea are just a phone call away.

With its spring-inspired makeover and updated menu, Saltea invites you to rediscover the joy of Mediterranean dining in an atmosphere that’s both fresh and familiar.

Contact Details

Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes, 03599 Altea, Alicante, Spain

+34 966 888 528


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