La Casbah: Furniture and Decoration from all Around the World

The showroom of La Casbah displays unique pieces, from Morocco and Asia, together with contemporary sofas and modular seating. The unique pieces of furniture, rugs, wall decoration, lamps, pillows, low tables and cupboards are carefully handpicked by the owners, during their travels around the world.



La Casbah showroom opened in 2003 as a space dedicated to interior design, limited edition and original craftsmanship. This is the place where you can surely find unique, handmade furniture from Morocco, India or Indonesia, decoration, tableware, all displayed into a series of living room and dining room setups, where you can see how they go together and get inspiration for your home design. Said Yousfi, manager of La Casbah, explains:



“The secret is the decoration: when you enter La Casbah, you feel like you’re at home, because everything is arranged, in all details, like a big home.”





If unsure on how to mix and match the ethnic pieces with the rustic, the modern and the contemporary, the owners of La Casbah can help you visualize your choices and provide you up to 3 different estimates, from which you can select your final design. Their selections include all their range of furniture and decoration and also a selection of unique paintings from the local art gallery they work with.






La Casbah created a style of its own – a mix of actual trends and ethnic vibes, with a very actual, contemporary result. Said Yousfi details:

“We are in the world of interior design since 2003. And all this big selection that you see here was purchased, item by item, on our own, personal criteria of style and taste. This is our own manner of decorating.”



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