Fuego Difusión shows us the latest in fireplaces to prepare us for the coming season and to help us not get caught off guard.

Autumn the perfect time for a fresh start, to enjoy a cup of tea, cooler nights, and get ready for winter as well… as we know time flies and so here we are to remind you that although we still have very high temperatures, the cold will come eventually and we don’t want you to be caught off guard so today we will mentally enter a typical winter postcard with its crackling fireplace to talk about gas fireplaces.


The fireplaces we are going to talk about today have been introduced to us by Fuego Difusión, experts in the field for over 30 years and always bringing us the latest news to protect us from the cold in winter and not only that always combining the highest quality fireplaces, selected from the best manufacturers, with an exquisitely careful service, taking care of the client throughout the whole process plus following up at all times, from the birth of the idea to the final execution.



Gas Fireplaces


Gas fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional wood-burning or electric fireplaces, which we must take into account when choosing a fire for our home, as they have many advantages over conventional fireplaces.


These fireplaces use natural gas or propane as fuel, so we must take into account the type of supply of your home when choosing a gas fireplace.


The advantages of gas fireplaces are numerous:


  • Gas is a clean fuel, so it burns without leaving residues, thus avoiding having to clean so often.
  • Very simple and quick installation.
  • They light up and generate heat instantly, making them ideal for very active lifestyles with little time to enjoy a good fire.
  • They are adjustable in intensity, so we can adapt the warmth of the room to our needs.
  • They can be programmed to turn on or off automatically at certain times.
  • Their characteristics allow them to be designed in a multitude of shapes, sizes and arrangements, so they will adapt perfectly to the environment of your home.
  • They do not need an outlet in the ceiling, which increases the possibilities at the time of installation.
  • It is not necessary to accumulate supply as it is the case in wood or pellet fireplaces.


As mentioned above, Fuego Difusión always offers the highest quality in its products and therefore relies on Trimline Fires that thanks to its excellent trajectory over the years has earned a place of honor in the manufacture of its gas fireplaces.


Trimline Fires are always at the forefront of technology but without forgetting their origins. And now Fuego Difusion makes it easier than ever by giving us the opportunity to access these fantastic gas fireplaces.


Let’s see what types of fireplaces they offer.



Gas fireplaces by position

Front Panels


Front gas fireplaces are the perfect attention grabber in any room. Enjoy the spectacle of fire in all its splendor as you enjoy with family and friends.


Corner Units



This kind of fireplace gives a new life to that corner of your home. These corner gas fireplaces adapt to any space and allow a perfect view of the fire through its two sides.



Recessed gas fireplaces



Recessed gas fireplaces, in addition to saving space, give a sophisticated touch to the room. It allows you to enjoy the flames without sacrificing an inch.




Gas fireplaces by layout




Panoramic gas fireplaces allow us to enjoy 100% of the view of the fire. They are ideal when space is not an issue.






Vertical gas fireplaces are ideal when we have limited space in our room. With a modern style, they allow us to enjoy the fire in any room.






Tunnel gas fireplaces are the perfect solution when we want to enjoy the fire from two different rooms at the same time. They allow us to separate environments but without giving up anything.



In addition to having all of these types of fireplaces to fit your needs and those of your home, they also have endless options as to how the fire will look, from the traditional one that perfectly imitates a wooden fireplace, to the use of glass or pebbles to give it a more modern and innovative touch. You choose.





With these endless possibilities we are sure you already have in mind which fireplace model is perfect for your home and where to install it, and if you are wondering how to install it, Fuego Difusion tells us that is more versatile than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. The possibility of removing the extraction tube from the facade and the forced draft allow infinite configurations and possibilities. Infinite configurations and possibilities .



Do you want to distribute the heat to other rooms in the house? They also install everything you need to enjoy your gas fireplace in all rooms.



Therefore we recommend you plan ahead  and contact  Fuego Difusión, they are experts in the subject, and this is not by chance as they have more than 30 years of experience behind them.





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