Ferrer Asociados, Juridical and Economical Studio: a Brief Introduction

Ferrer Asociados Estudio Jurídico y Económico was born in 2012, with the opening of an office in Moraira-Teulada. Since then, they have been in charge of tax, labor and accounting advice for numerous companies, as well as legal advice to companies and individuals.



After a strong growth of the company, above all, due to their passion for the profession and also thanks to their customers, in 2017 they opened a second office in Jávea. The purpose of this new opening was to offer their services to a greater number of clients, as well as to achieve a greater professional development of their office. Ferrer Asociados advise on tax, labor and accounting, and civil, commercial, contentious-administrative and labor matters.



We use this great opportunity to announce that, during the whole year of 2018, Ferrer Asociados through Mr. José Antonio Ferrer will be doing regular columns on our Spain Life Exclusive website on legal matters and other topics of general interests from all their areas of expertise. We welcome his expert advice and further present a few insights on Ferrer Asociados studio and the areas they cover. 






Legal Area


In the legal area, Ferrer Associados office is responsible for advising and drafting all types of legal documents, advising on the legal implications of each of them, so that the clients have the peace of mind of having good legal support. The team explains:


“The law is very dynamic, especially in recent times in which there have been numerous legislative changes, and the resolutions issued by the Courts of the European Union has come to change the national criteria adopted by our judges. All this makes it strictly necessary a thorough study of the Law and a constant updating in the different subjects, which we believe should be seasoned by a great passion for this profession. In our office we give a fundamental importance to the procedural branch of law. This area of ​​law is the one that regulates the acts, the development of the procedure and the effects of the process, between the parties and the court or tribunal. Each judicial action is subject to certain rules and it is important to know them widely. In Law, it may happen that, even if you are right on a certain matter, you do not obtain a satisfactory sentence because you did not know how to ask for the reason in the time and form that is required, with a very particular nuance, and that is that once an unfavorable sentence has been obtained, it will not be possible to request justice again in the vast majority of cases, even if the litigation is right, because an earlier judgment has already been passed with the effect of res judicata, which means that it can no longer be returned to judge.”



Civil and Commercial Procedural Area

From the civil and commercial procedural area, Ferrer Asociados office is in charge of the defense of the interests of their clients before the courts and tribunals of this jurisdictional order. The civil procedural legislation is supplementary to the rest of the procedural legislations that are applied in the other areas in which we intervene (contentious-administrative and social).


For this reason, the firm considers that a thorough knowledge of civil procedural rules is essential: “In civil matters we have specialized in the claim of obligations and contracts, property, mortgage, inheritance and wills. And regarding the commercial area, our specialization is the corporate and bankruptcy matter. In addition, we have extensive experience in representing partners in the General Meetings.”



Contentious-Administrative Procedural Area

From this department, Ferrer Asociados office is responsible for defending the interests of their clients before the Courts and Tribunals of Contentious-Administrative, with extensive experience in the tax field. Precisely in this area, they also take care of the defense of the tax interests of their clients before the Tax Administration and before the Economic-Administrative Courts. On the other hand, the office is also responsible for the defense of the interests of their clients in matters of administrative licenses and in matters of Costas.




Labor Procedure Area

From the labor procedural area, Ferrer Asociados office defends the interests of employers and workers before the social jurisdiction, in the different matters that correspond to this order, such as dismissals, quantity claims, contract resolutions, collective dismissals, holiday processes and so on. The labor process presents several specializations with respect to other jurisdictions. Therefore, the deep knowledge of procedural law in this area is of utmost importance.




Fiscal Area

In the area of ​​tax, Ferrer Asociados office covers the most diverse needs of our customers, both national and foreign, for the management of all procedures arising from the application of taxes. From the liquidation and presentation of the same to the defense of their interests in the verification and investigation procedures, having specialized in the management of matters before the Inspectorate of Taxes.


“All kinds of taxes are managed, both state and autonomous, assigned and local, for any obligation (personal and real), from the preparation of personal income tax returns to the advice of ETVE and advice on the special mergers and fiscal consolidation regime, as well as the approach of consultations to the General Directorate of Taxes, they say. The primary objective is the search for fiscal efficiency in the application of the taxes of our clients, within the option economy. For the proper functioning of this department, a perfect interconnection of this department with the legal, accounting and labor departments is essential.”



Labor Area

In the labor area, Ferrer Asociados office is responsible for the advice and drafting of all types of contracts, payroll, dismissals and settlements, as well as the presentation of all documents before the Social Security Organizations, specializing in the management of procedures necessary before the Labor Inspectorate. They underline that “it is very important that each job is formalized by the type of contract that corresponds exactly, as well as achieving the application of any bonus that the employer can count on. The labor area and the legal department work closely, in order to ensure the best management of the issues, and thus reduce litigation in the workplace.”



Accounting Area

From the accounting department the information process activities of the economic movements of the companies and businesses are carried out. Covers the accounting and social legal obligations of the businesses, preparing, presenting and legalizing the accounting books, minutes and other relevant documentation before the corresponding bodies. This department is crucial for the analysis of the economic and financial information of our clients in order to provide proposals in advance of the emergence of needs.





Economical and Financial Area

From their economic and financial department Ferrer Asociados try to provide their clients with solutions in the field of financial needs, such as “obtaining adequate financing for the needs of their projects; the refinancing of current credits and the extension thereof; Corporate Finance; the management and obtaining of syndicated and participatory loans; the possibility of giving access to private investors in business projects, and other ways appropriate to the expectations of each client. Likewise, our firm offers advice on the risks of financial products available to investors, in order to guarantee the most complete information to customers about the financial products that are offered to them. Our firm is in charge of providing the client with the information prior to the formalization of any contract, as well as the solution of conflicts derived from them, both extrajudicially and judicially, as well as advising consumers and users.”


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