Eyebrow lift: a surgery to rejuvenate and refresh the look in Solesio Clinic

One of the face features that shows the passing of time the most is without a doubt the look. The skin around the eyes loses its natural firmness and elasticity with the passing of years. This causes expression lines, wrinkles and flaccidity in the tissues. The feared lowering of the eyebrows intensifies this sensation, taking away from the upper eyelid’s amplitude and making the outer corner of the eye point downwards, looking sad and tired. By means of an eyebrow lift surgery, we can reverse this process and give our look a more youthful appearance and a rested aspect. How is it achieved?

Am I a candidate for an eyebrow lift?

Typically, around age 40, symptoms start to appear that lead to the option of a brow lift. Lifestyle and genetics can also influence this. The tail (lateral end) of the brows starts to drop and the expression of the gaze becomes sad. Even when we are perfectly rested, a sleepy appearance remains on our face. Other reasons that make us an ideal candidate for a brow lift are: appearance of horizontal lines on the forehead, deep furrows between eyebrows and haviness in the upper eyelids.

Often, patients come to the consultation thinking that their problem can be solved with a blepharoplasty, or eye surgery. However, many of them can get more beneficial results by undergoing a brow lift. In some cases, it will be necessary to combine both surgeries (brow lift and blepharoplasty) to restore the patient a cheerful and youthful look. Cantopexy is also common in combination with the previous and it is an extra support of the upper eyelid giving an almond-shaped appearance to the eye.


Eyebrow lift: What does it consist of?

An eyebrow lift, also known as a brow lift, has various possibilities for approach depending on the patient’s needs and characteristics, as well as the professional advice provided by the plastic surgeon.

The most common are:

Direct supraocular lift: Through a minimum incision on the upper edge of the eyebrow, a small amount of skin is removed to reposition it higher up. The advantage of performing this technique is that it is an ambulatory procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia and has a very low risk of risks and complications.

Coronal lift: In this case, the incision is made in the scalp area, with the scars remaining hidden under the hair. This approach allows for a deeper and more precise relocation, acting on the muscle structures that cause eyebrow drooping, although it involves a more complex surgery and with more risk of complications than the previous one.

Temporal lift: This does not refer to its effects not being permanent, but rather that the incisions in this case are made in the scalp but in the temple area. The brows are accessed below the forehead muscle, lifting the tail of the brows through internal sutures.

This is the recovery after eyebrow lifting

After eyebrow lift surgery, the patient must keep their head in upright positions in order to minimize inflammation. This inflammation and any possible resulting bruises will naturally disappear within 7-10 days after the eyebrow lift procedure. The numbness and discomfort in the area is perfectly normal, lasting several days at most, and can be managed with the use of painkillers.

Only 48 hours after eyebrow lift surgery, the bandages can be removed. After about 7 days in most cases, the plastic surgeon will remove the sutures. It is advisable not to wet the wounds or hair during the first days after the eyebrow lift, also limiting any physical activity that involves sudden movements, excessive sweating or the possibility of sustaining traumas. In just one week from the eyebrow lift, the patient can go back to their life as normal. The scars will continue to evolve until a year has passed and during that time special attention should be paid to avoid intense sun exposure without protection.

What scar will the eyebrow lift leave me?

One of the most striking aspects of this eyebrow lift surgery is that in most cases the resulting scars, although minimal, are hidden under the hair and the patient can forget about them forever. Only in the supra-brow incision approach can a slight visible mark remain on the eyebrow’s hair, which can also be disguised by leaving it a little denser, with some makeup or through micropigmentation treatment.

Results of eyebrow lift surgery

The final results of eyebrow lift surgery can be seen within a few weeks. Most patients are unaware just how much their aging and tired-looking appearance was affected by the shape and orientation of their eyebrows. Therefore, eyebrow lifts produce very satisfying results, with a great sense of rejuvenation and improved self-esteem for patients.

Raising eyebrows in Alicante

The best eyebrow lift in Alicante is performed by Dr. Francisco Solesio at Solesio Clinic. A plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon with the experience of Dr. Solesio is the specialist indicated to undertake the eyebrow lift surgery in Alicante.

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Surgical Time 2 – 4 hours

Anesthesia: General

Hospitalization: 1 night

Recovery: In less than 15 days the stitches have already been removed.

Results: Definitive


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