Exclusive Interview with Marbella Estate Group, the Costa del Sol Real Estate Company That Makes Every Project Magical

In an exclusive interview with Spain Life Exclusive, we spoke with Sam, the founder of Marbella Estate Group, and his sister, Mona, who heads the Architecture and Design division within Marbella Design Group. They shared insights into their work, objectives, and how they assist, especially those who arrive in Spain without much knowledge of the country, in designing and obtaining their dream homes, enabling a relaxed and worry-free lifestyle.

Building Trust

At Marbella Estate Group, Sam and Mona are involved in every detail, and they have extensive experience in managing projects and helping people settle in Spain. Mona’s first words are, “We can find land to build a property and also take care of designing and creating the architecture for them. And, you know, we aim to satisfy the customer at all times, not just sell something and deliver it.” Her calm demeanor immediately inspires confidence.


They both noticed a growing presence of Scandinavian people in the Costa del Sol, particularly Swedes and Norwegians, over the past decade. Sam mentioned, “A Swedish and Norwegian, Finish  community has grown here, and we thought there was much work to be done. So we decided to provide a complete package and assist customers in finding their dream homes. Maybe they come from Sweden and don’t know how to renovate or where to buy properties. Essentially, we help them through the entire process. That’s where the main idea started with that background.”


With the goal of being a “helping hand” and guiding clients in the right direction, providing them the trust they deserve, Marbella Estate Group takes pride in its unique approach.

Staying Ahead of Trends

In a fast-paced world where trends and fashions constantly change, customers also demand these updates when realizing their dreams of a warm, yet contemporary home. In this regard, Marbella Design Group , with Mona leading the way in architecture and design, is committed to seeking the latest and greatest for their clients.

“We live in this world practically 24 hours a day, not only when we’re in the office working but also when we visit sites. We always strive to be one or two steps ahead with the newest trends or upcoming trends in colors, designs, and trade shows. We also aim to incorporate the style that we believe would be suitable for people. Additionally, we have experience in feng shui, which is something we truly believe in,” emphasized Mona.

One of their standout features is the incorporation of feng shui, an ancient technique that balances the harmony of a home, from its foundation to the details of decoration, lighting, and space layout. “We want to create homes where people feel good, especially in the world we live in, with so much happening. Home should be a place where you feel content and can recharge to face the world. We aim to create harmony and balance in homes or any design we undertake, whether it’s offices or other spaces,” added Mona.

Sam mentioned, “We always stay updated with research and inspiration, and we adapt to the style that we consider new, unique, and suitable for the specific projects we’re working on. Each project has its unique style; you can’t apply one style to everything. Every building, every house has its own character, and we aim to follow that character, trying to enhance it and give it the best character possible.”

Sam and Mona have a genuine passion for their work, and it shows. This passion, combined with their commitment to understanding their clients’ desires and how they want to live, is what makes their Design byrå  Marbella design group  so successful. They take on projects where they know they can add value.


Offering Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainability, aside from being necessary, is a current trend in the world of architecture and design. Marbella design Group  is aware of this and incorporates it into their projects. “It’s always interesting to be sustainable in any project we work on. We consider the sun exposure and heat in this region. We have worked on projects where we’ve installed as many sustainable elements as possible. For instance, we’ve worked on eco-friendly houses in Sweden. We also consider the materials we use and how we can be sustainable in terms of materials and resources. In general, we always have sustainability in mind in our projects. The location in which we work is conducive to this, with ample sunlight and the climate typical of the Costa del Sol,” highlighted Mona.

They animatedly discussed in the interview how, for example, in one of the houses they are redesigning, they reused the original doors of the property. As we all know, reusing is an essential part of the circular economy, particularly in this era of ecological deficit.


Excitement for Current Projects

The sister company Marbella Design Group is currently involved in various projects, but there is one, in particular, that has captured the team’s enthusiasm. The project in question, which will be completed soon, is called “Villa Bali .” It’s a property with an incredibly large garden, close to 2,200 square meters. Mona described it, saying, “It will be an impressive project. Currently, the house has three bedrooms, and we are expanding it to five bedrooms, spread across two floors. It’s a very special property in Nueva Andalucía. Despite its smaller size, it’s highly exclusive. We’re trying to preserve the essence of the house and restore original elements, such as doors and carpentry. We’re also incorporating solar panels for heating and making the most of natural light and the environment to enhance energy efficiency.” Sam added, “It’s a very exciting project for us, and we believe it will be impressive. We’re thrilled about the final result. The initial impression when entering the house is something we always work on; we want it to be striking and surprising, regardless of the style.” A statement by Sam lingers in the air: “We want people to feel the magic when they enter one of our properties.” What an ambitious goal Marbella Estate Group has set! Clearly, these words reflect the love they have for the projects they undertake. Their commitment to their clients, by truly listening to them and understanding their desires, is the only way to tackle such ambitious yet human and empathetic objectives.

Being Authentic

Another of the key values that set Marbella Estate Group apart from other companies is the authenticity they infuse into each project. In a capitalist world where copying and pasting are common, Sam, along with Mona and the entire team, ensure that each project they undertake is entirely unique. To achieve this, there is a feedback loop. Clients choose them, but they also choose their clients. They do not work on just any project. “We have to feel it,” emphasized Sam.

Internally, at Marbella Estate Group, they aim to build a positive working environment. “For me, getting up to go to work is rewarding because we have this team we work with every day. And this is conveyed to the clients in every project,” Mona noted.

The duration of a project once it enters Marbella Estate Group can range from 6 to 8 months, considering the licenses that need to be obtained, administrative procedures, and the entire process. Of course, this timeline depends on each unique case.


Receiving Feedback from Clients

Similar to how they use feng shui to achieve the much-needed harmony in spaces, creating an environment where each person enters their new home feeling the energy and balance they seek, they also apply this principle to the feedback they receive from clients. This feedback is typically filled with gratitude. Their empathy and dedication shine through in every project, always providing a response to any questions that arise in their daily work.

Whether you’re looking to realize a dream, find a suitable plot to build your dream home, or ensure that every space exudes harmony and incorporates the latest trends in architecture and design, Marbella Estate Group and its division, Marbella Design Group, are the right partners to help bring your dreams to life.


Contact details:

Avenida Del Prado S/N

Nueva Andalucia, 29660, Marbella

Tel +34 662 562 083




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