Discover The Fascinating Artwork Of Artist Rolf Van Der Wal

Today we wish to introduce you to a special artist and person we have come across in the lovely town of Gata de Gorgos in the Costa Blanca.


His name is Rolf van der Wal and he is a well-known artist for his stunning two-dimensional artwork, which is meticulously created and painted by hand on paper or canvas with oil or acrylic paint, soft pastels, color pencils, or Indian ink.

Paintings are a type of visual art that captures the expression of thoughts and emotions on a two-dimensional surface where artists combine the components of shape, color, line, tones, and textures in unique ways to create paintings that portray sensations of movement, volume, space, and light.

Art is uniquely personal to both the artist who produces it and the person who views it. Art is a creative extension – a reflection of – the viewer’s values, interests, and goals.

Art also has the potential to alter emotions; looking at it may make a person feel pleased, sad, furious, or joyous. As a result, when it comes to selecting a piece of artwork, many people may be governed by their emotions more than any other factor.

Imagine having access to the kind of art that truly reflects your feelings and expresses just what you have in mind. Well, that is s the case of artist Rolf van der Wal so we take a look today at his amazing artwork and try and focus around the fascination of his art which encompasses his own sensational style of original, authentic, fine art.



Rolf, who was born in the Netherlands and has always been interested in art, graduated from the Art Academy in Utrecht, where he studied aesthetics and graphic design. He had no intention of becoming a set designer or anything else related, so he chose art education to obtain a larger understanding of his visual capabilities.

After college, he completed teacher training and became a bachelor of art teacher. He began teaching two- and three-dimensional art, as well as art history, and continued to do so for 38 years, allowing him to stay consistently involved in visual work throughout his teaching career. Following that, and considering that there is still so much for him to accomplish in terms of visual art, he chose to cease teaching in 2019 and go to Spain, where he discovered a chance to continue his life’s work from here.

Rolf chose prominence via exhibits and commission work in many nations. He developed his own stunning style of genuine, unique fine art.


King Willem Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima with painting as a present from Rolf


Here below we show you some of his amazing artwork.



Rolf plays the function of capturing on canvas what everyone wants or feels, whether it’s your pet, children, or family, and he’s recently become a fantastic painter of Formula One racing drivers and their vehicles. His most recent ones on Hamilton and others are outstanding, and he is such a skilled artist that he can paint any driver from current or previous years, you must contact him to learn more.


Everyone deserves to be moved by art!


Contact details:


Gata de Gorgos

+34 680 975 607



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