Discover Hogarguti’s New Frecan Bruc-R Ceiling-Mounted Cooking Hood

Hogarguti introduces the new Bruc-R ceiling extractor hood, which collects fumes, filters them, and returns them to your room clean.


Recirculation without ducts

The Bruc-R model, with its integrated FC-Plus filter and four strategically placed air outlets, expels the air that has been filtered and cleaned via the slots, producing an umbrella effect. It recycles low-pressure air and generates an ideal, quiet regeneration circuit.


Engine that consumes less fuel

Frecan’s revolutionary 360o spiral motor drawer, built of recyclable materials, requires less force to achieve better outcomes delivering higher performance while consuming less energy and producing very little noise.


Transitioning to a more sustainable future

At Frecan, they are more worried about the spread of gases into the atmosphere, and cities are progressively enacting legislation to do so.

As a result, they are developing responsible and effective recirculating systems that will allow them to clean cooking gases without having to release them into the environment. Furthermore, because they minimize the outflow of air from the home to the outside, these systems allow for savings in heating and air conditioning.


Technical information


* H-Connect

Model compatible with the H-Connect plates that allow you to control all the hood functions from a control located on the plate.

* Silent motor R1000GP

* Delayed stop (Last Time)

Once we have finished cooking, by switching on the Last Time function, the hood will operate for 10 to 15 minutes and will automatically switch off once the air in your kitchen has been recycled.

* Remote control included

* Minimum false ceiling height 210 mm.

* Perimeter extraction

Based on the Venturi Effect, the system consists of compressing and accelerating the air by creating a depression around the perimeter of the slot on the hood’s suction surface. This effect facilitates the capture and filtering of the gases generated by cooking. The advantages of perimeter extraction are: aesthetics, easy cleaning and low noise level.

* 3 speeds + Booster

* Optional Recirculation


They can keep the air always free of odors and without energy loss by using hoods with no air exit to the outside, making them the greatest alternative for a passive house! Find out all you need to know right here

Contact Details:

C / Pedreguer, 18, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)

Phones: +34 966 435 301 and +34 654 061 700







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